What Is Instagram marketing – A Brief Introduction

If you want your marketing message to reach young people and adults, you should focus your marketing efforts on Instagram. Of all the world’s largest social media services, Instagram has established itself as a communication platform for the Younger generations.

Instagram an effective marketing platform

“IG” combines many communication elements important to some generations: a simple image-based interface, easy customization of content, private messaging features, and a fast Snapchat-style instant messaging format, Instagram Stories. You should take over Instagram if you haven’t already!

Facebook owns Instagram

In addition to being natively attractive to young people, Instagram provides a very favourable ground for marketers worldwide. Facebook owns Instagram, whose user data and analysis methods are also utilized on the Instagram side. Targeting your ads is thus very effective, and you can use the same ad on both Facebook and Instagram if you wish.

To put it simply, one can think of Facebook as reaching parents, Instagram for their children. Therefore, you pay special attention to the tone and content of marketing messages.

The surest way to waste money on social media marketing free of charge is to create advertising content that user segments do not recognize as “their” and belonging to that service.

Why is Instagram an effective marketing platform?

All major social media services offer a variety of advertising opportunities. Still, the biggest advantage of Instagram is the way the entire service is used. It is impossible to skip an ad as quickly as on Twitter. If the Ad is well implemented (e.g. a funny video or an image marketed on the face of an IG influencer), users are more likely to stop at the post.

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As with some services, paid ads are distinguished on Instagram by a special “Sponsored” tag. However, the web analytics behind the marketing algorithms make sure that each ad displayed to the user is as relevant as possible, resulting in more impressions and clicks.

Why Instagram marketing is important

Marketing on social media is not Rocket science. Still, if you want results, the overall marketing machinery needs to be in order, from ad design to decision making and payment. Here, the E-Biz Route is the best in its field – we know what sells on Instagram and how to implement it.

Keep these things in mind when planning Instagram advertising

Since the entire operation and philosophy of Instagram are based on fast visual communication, it is only natural to conclude that a typical Instagram user should not be associated with an ad with a lot of text or complex structures. It’s not that users aren’t smart and focused, but the nature of the app – if a user wants to inform themselves by focusing on texts or videos, they’ll do it on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.

Instagram marketing should therefore be simple and compelling, but the same goes for the links and buttons that the Ad Post contains.

After seeing an interesting product ad, the Instagram user should end up with just a few clicks at the Checkout. If excessive menus and presentation text disrupt the purchase, the user will be frustrated and close the ad.

We at E-Biz Route know how things work. So get in touch, and we will design an Instagram marketing campaign for you that will produce results!

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