3 Easy Tips on How to Write a Great Press Release That Gets Results


The purpose of a press release is not to sell a product or service, although when done well, it does. For a small business, for example, visibility is very important, and that’s what a press release brings. It allows you to reach your target audience. Your website’s ranking in the search engine may increase if a shared press release for your website is published with a link to your website.

A press release is a powerful tool for boosting authority and visibility

However, writing can be a stumbling block. It must impress both the editor and the reader of the Magazine. We’ll tell you three tips on getting your story through a magazine soon.

Press release is a powerful tool for boosting authority and visibility

What is a press release?

A press release is an article published in a paper Magazine or a modern online magazine with more news than advertisements. Even if the press release tells about a company, for example, it does not directly aim to sell the company’s services. It aims to get more media visibility. However, it can be thought of as an old-fashioned marketing channel.

One can find a paper magazine on the breakfast table, and you can read the Magazine online both on the train and in the hair salon. The subject of a press release can be, for example, the launch of a new product, an interesting story about the entrepreneur himself, or an event about the city. While a press release is more reminiscent of news than advertising, they are still not the same thing. A press release is a very relevant news item where it seeks to get attention and reactions by virtually any means.

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What makes a press release valuable?

Creating a working press release is profitable for almost all companies, regardless of industry. It makes it possible to gain golden media visibility without a budget of thousands of dollars. The story can swell surprisingly big if you manage to cover a current topic or trend in a press release. A press release doesn’t show up as an ad to people, so it’s more likely to get a potential customer to delve into the matter.

What Makes a Press Release Valuable

For example, for a small business owner, it is often worthwhile to put a press release in the form of a story instead of news.

Three suggestions on how to write a press release

A press release showcases the company in the best possible way to get the attention of thousands of potential customers. If you have a topic that might also interest your neighbor or local retailer, you may want to try scraping the press release. If things don’t work out quickly, you can ask for professional help.

Make the title’s main point stand out

The title aims to arouse the reader’s interest based on the reader’s decision whether to click to read more. The Headline should be appropriate in length when it tells interestingly what the press release is all about.

Follow a clear structure

As a rule, a good press release always has a similar structure. The story begins with an interesting title and engaging text revealing the core content. This step is followed by the body text with possibly one or two subheadings.

The press release should be without jargon or cumbersome professional vocabulary. Although the text is often formatted in special ways, it is not advisable to format the body text, i.e., bold or italicize it.

A press release showcases the company in the best possible way

A good-length press release is about 300-400 words long, as no one can read a multi-page text log. You may also want to include a related, interesting image that may contribute to the story’s publication.

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The press release should be sent at the right time and place

Time and place matter. No matter how great a press release is, it’s not worth sending it to every platform in the media. It may also be that the delivery is divided into several different parts, such as sports and the economy. In that case, it is pointless to send a story about sports to a publisher who writes the news of the finance department.

If your story is topical, sending it to selected individuals makes sense. If there is no rush at the time of the press release, you can take it a little more relaxed in this regard.

Include your contact information in the press release, including the name, title, phone number, and email. Make sure you are available on the day the press release is sent and the next two days so that the story’s publication does not fall into missed calls.

If thoughts are hard to put into words, or writing and sending a press release seems to take an unnecessarily long time out of an entrepreneur’s busy daily life, you should ask for professional help.

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