5 Valid Reasons to Advertise on Google Shopping


Google Shopping advertising is an integral part of marketing a successful e-Commerce business. These ads with product images and pricing have consistently proven to be more effective than traditional Google text ads in search results. In this article, I’ll describe the importance of shopping and tell you 5 reasons you should do Google Shopping advertising.

Google Shopping Ads

What is Google Shopping Ads and how does it work?

Google Shopping ads are ads with product images and information that appear in two places: on the Google Shopping tab and with search results when a user searches for a product on a regular Google search. Ads can also appear on Google image search. A shopping ad includes a product image, price, brand, review, and the store where the product is available for sale.

The buyer can conveniently browse the products offered by different stores directly from Google and choose the preferred option for a more detailed view. This feature keeps the number of unnecessary clicks low, as the buyer has already compared the stores’ products on the search page.

What is the best way to get started with Google Shopping Ads?

Starting a Google Shopping ad is not a difficult task, but it may require familiarity with the subject. Most of Google’s advertising is done on Google Ads, but it requires the Google Merchant Center platform or Google Merchant Center.

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Google Ads doesn’t allow you to retrieve product information directly from the online store. If you want to do this, the Google Merchant Center retrieves product images, names, prices, and other information from the online store.

What is the best way to get started with Google Shopping Ads

The Google Merchant Center is managed with an existing Google account. Of course, you should use the same account you use for Google Ads. After logging in to the Merchant Center, you must verify your website with Google and visit the Merchant Center and Google Ads.

A product feed is then created to get the product information to the merchant center. If there are a few products, they can be created “manually” using the Google Sheets.

Another option is to retrieve product information automatically, but it requires structured information. This feature is called a “dynamic product catalog.” In other words, Google retrieves product information directly from your site’s code. This feature is handy because if you change the price of your product, it will automatically update the Google Shopping ads as well. You don’t have to visit the Google Merchant Center to change the price.

Google Shopping advertising is most beneficial to the online retailer

Internationally, Google Shopping ads have become a profitable marketing channel for many businesses in recent years and are becoming an almost essential tool for online retailers. Google Shopping is excellent at automatically retrieving and updating product information from the online store. You can add a product list to Google Shopping without an online store, but it requires the help of a webmaster.

Google Shopping advertising is most beneficial to the online retailer

Google made a strategic decision by offering the ability to enter an e-Commerce product list for free into Google Shopping results. Even if you don’t advertise on Google at all, your site’s product may appear with an image and price in Google’s search results for free. We can say that the Google search box will be the search box for your e-commerce products in the future.

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5 Reasons to Use Google Shopping Ads

Google Shopping ads bring a lot of visibility to your products and, thus, growth in sales. If you’re not sure if Google Shopping ads fit into your marketing strategy, check out the following benefits.

Reasons to Use Google Shopping Ads

Google Shopping will help you increase your sales

Whether your business is new or well established, having your products appear on search engine result pages will help drive sales. Your audience doesn’t need to know about your business or store to find you through Google because your products can appear whenever keywords match your products.

Because Google Shopping ads ensure that your products appear above organic search results, you can efficiently and cost-effectively expand your product visibility online.

Google Shopping ads outperform text-based ads

It’s no surprise that more and more online retailers are spending more of their marketing budgets on Google Shopping ads than on text ads.

The consumer indicates a higher purchase intention when he clicks on a shopping ad instead of a text ad. An ad with an image and a price brings more added values to the consumer. As a result, Google Shopping ads have higher conversion rates.

One of the essential metrics for paid advertising is the return on investment (ROI). Google Shopping ads generate a higher ROI because, in principle, all your advertising budgets are targeted to people looking for the product you sell.

You get more relevant leads

A Google Shopping ad provides more detailed product information than a text ad, giving the user more value from the ad. As a result, users are more interested when they click on the ad, so we can also talk about a pertinent lead.

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With a Google Shopping ad, the buyer gets enough information about the product when he/she arrives at the online store. Clicking on the ad takes the customer directly to the product, and because they know what to expect, the likelihood of making a purchase increases.

Shoppers want to make informed purchasing decisions, and Google Shopping offers more information than a text ad.

Often, a user spends at least a small time on a page. Here, you have an excellent opportunity to attract buyers to explore your online store and engage the customer.

Managing Google Shopping has become a lot easier

Managing Google Shopping ads is simple. Google decides which keywords are relevant based on your product feed. You only submit your product information to Google, which automatically matches all your keywords and products.

Once you’ve used the automatic product listing, Google will automatically update any changes you make to the online store, such as pricing or other product information.

You don’t have to do anything since Google does it for you

Your ad may appear more than once in a single query in Google Shopping campaigns. For example, if you sell used laptops and someone searches for “Used laptop,” other products you sell in your online store, such as “Used HP laptop”, “Used Lenovo laptop” may appear in the results.

Google also chooses the keywords which are used to promote your products. You may find that your products begin to appear for related keywords that you may have guessed. No exact search is required, and Google knows how to use synonyms in a smarter way, so the search is quite flexible.

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